Penetration Test

Our expertise to secure your applications and infrastructure.

Penetration tests are performed together with our partner SEC Consult Singapore.

Vulnerability identification and fix recommendation to ensure application security.

Semi-automate approach including manual testing for high-quality results.

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Our Approach

Penetration Test

Initial Setup

  • Kick-off meeting to scope the project.
  • Setup of test environment and access check.
  • Information gathering to plan manual attack test cases.

This includes general preparation and setup tasks. A test system will be set up and the connectivity between the customer and RESGUARD will be ensured. User accounts and necessary additional resources will be provided for the test

Information Gathering

Additional technical information on all test objects for the proposed project are collected and documented including information on special software modules and services, data backend, design or architecture documents, etc.

Security Testing and Analysis

  • Includes automated and manual testing.
  • List of security vulnerabilities of all products and services in scope.
  • Detailed description of security vulnerabilities in scope.

Penetration Test Report

  • Detailed description of proposed solution for each vulnerability.
  • Risk calculation of identified vulnerabilities.
  • Recommendation of mitigating controls and technical fixes.

Creation of a detailed management report including technical report, vulnerabilities and risk status.

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