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Meet regulatory cyber compliance requirements with our digital RCM solution.

Cover compliance, audit documentation and operational needs now centralized in ONE automated tool.

Request Consultancy, Pentests, Vulnerability Scans and manage mitigation of detected findings.

Visualize complete compliance maturity and risk status across the organization and single departments.

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Who we are

Mission and Solution

About Us
Who we are...

ResGuard Solutions is a Software and Consulting company providing Cyber Security, Cyber Compliance and Data Protection services and solutions. Our aim is to support and optimize the digitalization of Small and Medium Businesses (SMB), due to a central as-a-Service management platform for Cyber Compliance and easy to access accompanying services.

ResGuard Compliance Manager

ResGuard Compliance Manager (RCM) is designed for organizations with limited resources and cyber and compliance knowledge that are faced with ever-changing legal and regulatory requirements. More and more end-customers require a certain level of maturity in cyber security to establish new business.

Our Clients
Compliance Challenge for SMBs

As global digitalization develops, Cybersecurity and Compliance has become a major factor for businesses of all sizes and in all sectors. While larger companies rely on internal IT departments, sufficient resources and external consultants, Small and Medium Businesses, dealing with the same challenges, usually have a significant disadvantage to allocate funds and resources.

Cover Your Risks
Prepare Yourself

SMB´s tend to underprioritize Cyber Security and even console themselves with the misconception to be no target for attacks. A fundamental mistake with potentially sever consequences including financial loss, reputational damage and legal implications – including personal liability of management.

Our Benefits
Efficient Compliance Management

Despite the above-mentioned challenges of a SMB, protecting the company should be a top priority and a set of proper controls to mitigate the risk is key to more resilience and to a safer IT operation. Ransomware, Malware, Phishing, Authentication, Physical Security, Business Continuity, Backup, Encryption, Security Patching, Data Protection and many more topics are useful and practical towards increased Cyber Security and Compliance maturity.

Our Solution - RCM
ResGuard Compliance Manager

RCM is the perfect Suite for SMB´s as it is a Compliance system to efficiently manage regulatory needs in one central solution, keep track to comply with all legal and regulatory requirements, assesses and improves regulatory maturity by identifying and implementing required tasks and structured record and evidence keeping for audits. It is the digital support for day-to-day operational compliance procedures.

RCM Cyber Modules
ResGuard Compliance Manager

RCM consists of the following modules:

  • Data Protection
  • ISMS / ISO27001
  • Policy Framework / Policy House
  • Penetration Test Manager
  • Managed Vulnerability Scan Service
  • Operational Security Management (MITRE)
ResGuard Services
Services and Consultancy

To fully complete the Compliance framework, ResGuard offers accompanying services like Pentesting and Vulnerability Scanning, also centrally manageable in the digital modules - Penetration Test Manager and Managed Vulnerability Scan Service.
With the RCM Suite, the customer has all he needs to manage and report Cyber Compliance.

Your Resilience – Guarded!

ResGuard Compliance Manager

Holistic Compliance-as-a-Service

RCM offers a digital solution that covers all your regulatory and cyber compliance needs.
Specialized modules provide everything you need to save time and budget.
Automation, digital evidence and artifacts demonstrate your comprehensive compliance performance to auditors.

Extended Compliance Services

Our Expertise to Achieve Your Goals

ResGuard Solutions

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