Vulnerability Scan Manager

Regular and automate vulnerability scans.

Regular scanning of the external ICT environment to detect open vulnerabilities before hackers do.

Automatic scan process with alert functionality in case of critical findings, to react quickly in emergency

Management dashboard for a continuous security improvement and audit reporting.

Customized service plans to meet your individual security needs.

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Managed Vulnerability Scan Service

Regular Scanning
Automate Scanning

The automatic scans must only be setup once to protect your external ICT infrastructure throughout the whole service time. You can rely on a regular check of the environment to not accidentally open up a flaw to hackers. The Vulnerability Scan Service will inform you immediately about critical and exploitable vulnerabilities to remediate the issues in a timely manner.

Managed Scan Service

Our Scanning-as-a-Service platform is remotely accessible to reconfigure scan settings, evaluate scan results and findings, or to get a management overview of the security improvement over time. The cloud solution is implemented on top of the latest cryptographical standards to protect the technical information of your environment. Therefore, dedicated cryptographical keys are generated for each user to securely store data in the cloud.

Customized Scan Plan
Adjust to Your Risk Level

Vulnerability scans are performed monthly, quarterly or annually, depending on the required level of protection and security needs of your environment. The objective is to identify and close vulnerabilities in your external infrastructure before criminal hackers can exploit them. As changes to the environment, such as configuration updates or bug fixes can always introduce new vulnerabilities, a regular vulnerability scan of the external perimeter infrastructure is highly recommended.

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ResGuard Compliance Manager

Holistic Compliance-as-a-Service

RCM offers a digital solution that covers all your regulatory and cyber compliance needs.
Specialized modules provide everything you need to save time and budget.
Automation, digital evidence and artifacts demonstrate your comprehensive compliance performance to auditors.

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