Outsourced Data Protection Officer

Our expertise to fulfil Your DPO duties.

Designated data protection expert registered as your DPO with the official authorities (PDPC).

On-site support to liaise with the internal data protection team to keep track of data protection tasks.

Ad-hoc service in case of data privacy complaints or personal data breaches.

Data protection knowledge transfer to your internal staff.

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Our Approach

Outsourced Data Protection Officer

We adapt our outsourced DPO solution to your specific needs.

DPO Nomination

  • A data protection and PDPA expert is officially registered with the PDPC to be your DPO.
  • All our experts are certified in the Singaporean data protection obligations.
  • The outsourced DPO contact details are published on your organisation's website.

Organisations are required to designate at least one individual, known as the data protection officer (DPO), to oversee the data protection responsibilities within the organisation and ensure compliance with the PDPA.

Ongoing DPO Duties

  • Data protection expert support for specific business questions.
  • Outsourced DPO as contact channel for data privacy queries and complaints from individuals or authorities.
  • Liaise with the PDPC to respond to new regulatory requirements.

PDPA Policies and Procedures

  • Identification of missing data protection policies and procedures.
  • Review and definition of required data protection policies and procedures.
  • Integration of defined procedures into daily business routine.

Under the Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (PDPA), organisations are required to develop and implement policies and practices that are necessary to meet its obligations under the PDPA.

Personal Data Inventory

  • Workshop oriented analysis of relevant business processes.
  • Risk assessment and mitigation recommendations for each process.
  • Creation of data inventory maps and data flow diagrams.

Review your organisation’s data management framework and processes to align them with the PDPA, for example, determining how, when and where your organisation collects personal data, the purposes for the data collection, and ensuring that consent has been obtained for the collection, use and disclosure of the data.

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