Operational Security

Asses, Prioritize and Implement Cyber Controls.

Assess the current Cyber Security maturity to detect areas of weakness.

Obtain required support from a digital Action Plan to prioritize the most important control implementation.

Measure your MITRE Attack Framework score to proof Cyber Resilience to customers and auditors.

Comprehensive digital supporter for Ransomware protection and maturity visualization.

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Our Ops Sec Service

Operational Security Solution

OpsSec Dashboard
Assess and Visualize OpsSec Maturity

Our digital OpsSec Dashboard provides a comprehensive way to visualize and measure your operational maturity regarding Security controls, measures and procedures according to the official MITRE Attack Framework.

Prioritization and Implementation
Take care of the right controls at the right time

Invest your effort, budget and time into the most important Cyber domains to add real Security value to your infrastructure. Our OpsSec Manager measures your maturity in several Security disciplines and recommends underdeveloped controls.

Compliance Map
Full Compliance View

Our Compliance Map visualizes your overall compliance progress including risks and open ToDo's per department in your organization.

Your Resilience – Guarded!

ResGuard Compliance Manager

Holistic Compliance-as-a-Service

RCM offers a digital solution that covers all your regulatory and cyber compliance needs.
Specialized modules provide everything you need to save time and budget.
Automation, digital evidence and artifacts demonstrate your comprehensive compliance performance to auditors.

Extended Compliance Services

Our Expertise to Achieve Your Goals

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