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Our Approach

PDPA Assessment

PDPA Gap Analysis

  • Data protection checklists are leveraged to evaluate the current level of maturity.
  • Interviews with relevant departments and teams are conducted to analyse business processes.
  • A detailed Action plan is created based on identified gaps to ensure future compliance.

A checklist-oriented approach is performed during the PDPA Gap Analysis. Our RESGUARD data privacy checklist interrogates all PDPA requirements within your departments and sub-sections to identify potential unconformities. The result of this task will lead to a clear picture of the current PDPA maturity within the company.

Data Protection Procedures and Policies

  • Identification of missing data protection procedures and policies.
  • Definition and review of PDPA Policies and Procedures by the concerned business departments.
  • Integration of defined procedures and policies into daily business routine.

On basis of the gap analysis, missing data protection procedures and policies are identified and created in cooperation with the departments concerned to ensure an easy integration into the business processes.

Assessment of Business Processes

  • A workshop oriented analysis of relevant business processes is conducted together with the relevant teams.
  • Risk assessment and mitigating recommendations for each business process are identified.
  • Creation of data inventory maps and data flow diagrams for a better management of personal data.

In workshops with the business units, comprehensive data inventory maps and data flow diagrams are created for each business process that deals with personal data. Risks are identified by analysing the data flows against PDPA requirements and best practices. Based on cost-benefit estimates, appropriate protection measures are developed and recommended.

Annual Data Protection Audit

  • Definition of the audit plan including the scope and goal of the evaluation is created.
  • Audit is conducted by data protection experts through interviews and walk-through with staff.
  • Reporting of identified unconformities and recommendation of mitigating countermeasures.

For a continuous verification and improvement of a compliant handling and protection of personal data, an annual audit is performed to identify and eliminate upcoming unconformities in a timely manner.

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