Data Protection Awareness Training

Our expertise to train Your people.

On-site training conducted by data protection experts.

Three hours PDPA training plus hands-on exercise.

Increasing data protection awareness within staff.

Company-specific questions are dealt with during the training.

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Our Approach

Data Protection Awareness Training

Data Protection in Singapore

  • The nine main obligation of the Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (PDPA).
  • Telemarketing and requirements of the Do Not Call (DNC) Provision.

This Data Protection Awareness Training provides an overview of privacy principles and regulations and how companies can practical fulfil the standard. The training is designed to meet the PDPA requirements in Singapore and to spread a data protective mindset throughout the staff.

Practical Data Protection

  • A Data protection management system for a professional maintenance of data protection compliance is presented and explained.
  • The right handling of required data protection policies and procedures is explained.
  • Setup of a Data Breach Response Plan to be prepared in case of an incident.

Hands-On Exercise

  • PDPA assessment of specific business processes of the company is conducted together with the attendees to assess the internal handling of personal data.
  • Definition and creation of data flow diagrams and data inventory maps.
  • Data protection risk assessment approach and implementation of suitable controls.

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