Data Protection Policy Framework

Digital compliance support to manage your policies.

We provide the most important and regulative requested policies as a digital template.

Manage your policies in our digital policy house with integrated review and user approval functionality.

Ensure policy acceptance of your employees with our policy tracking tool.

Adjust policies to your specific business needs or download a soft-copy within our digital policy solutions.

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Digital Policy House

Manage Your Data Protection Policies

Policy Templates

  • All regulative required policies are provided in a digital format.
  • Achieve PDPA compliance with our policy management tool.
  • Policy templates can be adjusted within the policy management tool to your specific business needs.

Our Policy Framework provides all common data protection and information security policy templates. The policies are drafted according to best practices and industry standards like the PDPA or ISO 27001. You can manage the policies directly in out policy management tool or download a soft-copy for your internal use.


  • Manage your policies within one digital management tool.
  • Keep track of employees which haven't accepted the policies.
  • The policy management tool automatically reaches out to staff to obtain policy confirmation by each single employee.

All policy templates can be manually customized to meet your specific business needs. A regulatory-compliant workflow is maintained to map the review, approval and release process throughout the policy life cycle. The policy framework and management tool keeps track automatically of the policy acceptance of your employees.

Policy House

Individual and customized policies can be added and managed within the policy framework.

Digitalized Compliance-as-a-Service

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